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Austin Family Law & Divorce Attorney

Law Office of Ben Carrasco, PLLC's Bio:

My name is Ben Carrasco. I am a Stanford-educated family law attorney in Austin, Texas. I provide personal counsel, steady leadership, and aggressive representation. If you’re facing a divorce, a child custody battle, or any number of family law issues, you cannot afford anything less than exceptional legal representation. I have the experience and educational pedigree to provide exactly that. I invite you to contact my firm so that we can discuss your situation and get you on the path towards a successful resolution. Visit me at: Law Office of Ben Carrasco, PLLC 700 Lavaca St. Suite 1400 Austin , TX 78701 Call: (512) 320-9126 Learn More Texas Divorce Laws Grandparents’ Rights in Texas CPS Cases What to know about hiring a divorce lawyer Austin Child Custody Lawyer Child Custody for Unmarried Fathers Postnuptial Agreement Texas: Everything You Need to Know Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First? Pros & Cons How Is Property Divided in a Divorce in Texas? 5 Common Mistakes Made in High Net Worth Divorces Divorce With a Business Involved Texas Texas Divorce: House Bought Before Marriage Dividing Retirement and Pension Benefits in a Texas Divorce Is Texas a No Fault State for Divorce? Video FAQs Alimony in Texas Adultery Child Custody Laws in Texas for Unmarried Parents Alimony in Texas Common Law Marriage Mothers’ Rights in Texas Child Custody Divorcing a Narcissist: 8 Things you Need to Know Find Me Online: LinkedIn Avvo Yelp Facebook Behance Visual CV About Me Plurk Visually Tumblr It's My Urls 500px Thinglink My Folio Goodreads Ted Zazzle Flipsnack Medium
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